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Those who have used Github know how nice it is to be able to “git push” your work to the cloud, how nice it is to have this repository function as a backup of your work, and how nice it is to be able to so easily “git pull” this project down to another machine. The following tutorial details how you can setup your own private Github repository, minus the web interface and all of the features that go along with this (e.g. comments, pull requests, etc.). This approach is great for when you might want to store some sensitive and/or proprietary information in your project (other than database passwords and content which can be easily added to your .gitignore file), and you don’t wish to purchase a private Github repository.

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If your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Mail app is generating these errors despite connecting to the same server without difficulty prior, a quick fix is to:

  1. Double tap your home icon while on the home screen to bring up a list of all running apps
  2. Press and hold on the Mail icon until a red minus appears, press that minus

This will quit that currently running app (whereas pressing the home icon normally simply switches GUI control to a new process – i.e. the app is left to run in the background). Once the app has been quit and relaunched these errors should go away.

I can’t substantiate this, this is just a theory, but I suspect that since the iOS Mail client (and OS X Mail) are not particularly good about limiting the number of connections to an IMAP server to sane and reasonable numbers that these errors are generated when no more connections are permitted, and will go away on their own after unused connections timeout. Quitting the app presumably kills these IMAP connections in IMAP IDLE state.

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There seems to be a number of different forum threads and webpages that deal with constructing AJAX based file uploader tools that don’t require that the page be completely reloaded to process the file upload. In addition, this is further complicated by the desire for progress bars and other forms of feedback.

This posting will attempt to deal with the basic strategies and choices available for providing this functionality. We won’t delve into actual code, but rather (hopefully) help point you in the right direction to tackle this on your own!

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For some reason IE 7 and earlier versions choke on references such as or $( As a workaround, as awkward as this is, you can make call $($(, which seems to work in all browsers. Awkward, ugly, unexplainable (at least to my feeble mind), but it works… I came across this solution here.