Making AngularJS content search engine/SEO friendly

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There seems to be a lot of confusion over this, particularly what level of support exists for Javascript content with search bots. It appears that GoogleBot supports some Javascript. Using this NPM module will assist with providing a pre-rendered version of your content for search engine bots. Be sure to test this using the Google… Read more »

Using Grunt with a Rails project served via RVM

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Using typical Grunt deployment scripts works fine, except there is a trick to run a bundle update using the Gems installed via a single user RVM install: ‘bundle-update’: { command: “[[ -s \"/home/username/.rvm/scripts/rvm\" ]] && source \”/home/username/.rvm/scripts/rvm\” && cd /path/to/project/ && bundle update” } This runs the RVM shell init commands saved to your shell’s… Read more »

Update Your yui3-gallery Git Fork

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Unless you are a pretty experienced Git user, updating your yui3-gallery fork for a new Yahoo CDN pull request can be tricky. Here is one way you can do this, the following steps assume that you have defined the official yui3-gallery Git repository as a remote source in your repository entitled “upstream”…

Commiting Specific Files Using Git

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As great and as useful branches are in Git, every once in a while we may forget to create a new branch when we meander off with experimental changes, or changes that may take longer to complete than changes you may want to commit in the meantime. No worries, it is still quite easy to commit only the files that you want with committing everything else. Here’s how…