How To Speed Up Your Virtualbox VMs By Using the SATA Disk Controller

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How to switch to the SATA disk controller in Virtualbox without having to recreate your Virtualbox images. As of Virtualbox 3.2 the default disk controller is now the faster SATA controller rather than IDE. If you have setup your VMs using an older version you can follow these instructions for a nice little speed boost for your VMs! This article covers instructions for Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux guests.

Commiting Specific Files Using Git

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As great and as useful branches are in Git, every once in a while we may forget to create a new branch when we meander off with experimental changes, or changes that may take longer to complete than changes you may want to commit in the meantime. No worries, it is still quite easy to commit only the files that you want with committing everything else. Here’s how…

Managing Remote Branches Using Git

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How to track and merge in changes from remote branches in Git from both the origin project repository (if applicable), as well as from other projects you have access to. The latter can be used as an alternative to “git push”

WordPress Post Thumbnail Generation

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Information about the WordPress 2.9 post-thumbnails feature and how to enable it, as well as some example code that uses the post thumbnail if it exists, or else falls back to the first image found in the post. You can build upon this code to use some sort of generic pic if neither is found. This technique is very useful for building a news homepage showcasing excerpts from each story.

Git “not uptodate. Cannot merge.” Errors

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These errors when going a “git pull” can be very confusing. They indicate that there are local changes that would otherwise be obliterated, and you are prevented from continuing unless you commit your changes, move or delete the file before doing a pull, or the workaround provided on this page…

Using the Return Key to Submit a Form

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Using Prototype we can capture the return key (and other key presses) to replace the usual form submission with our own Javascript functions. This is useful for invoking some Javascript-based error checking on the form prior to submission when the user presses their return key, or invoke a search triggered by the return key. Code samples included.

Unix Based Time Machine-like Backups

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If you are interested in reproducing a backup scheme similar to Apple’s Time Machine on non OS X Linux/Unix machine, it is actually pretty easy to do so using a combination of rsync and cpio. You obviously won’t get the pretty space themed GUI, but you will get as many snapshots as you’d like using the same scheme used by Time Machine.

Moving WordPress To a New Domain

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The following set of instructions will encapsulate your WordPress data into a dump file you can transfer to a different host (if applicable), and then update all WordPress database references to point to your new domain (including all of the images you have attached to your posts and pages).