Optimizing Apache and PHP for Amazon EC2

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Some useful performance optimization tips for optimizing Apache, PHP FPM, and APC for Amazon EC2. In this case the configuration examples are the settings that work best for our Small instances, but certainly these concepts will apply to other instance types as well.

Update Your yui3-gallery Git Fork

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Unless you are a pretty experienced Git user, updating your yui3-gallery fork for a new Yahoo CDN pull request can be tricky. Here is one way you can do this, the following steps assume that you have defined the official yui3-gallery Git repository as a remote source in your repository entitled “upstream”…

How to Access Your WordPress Akismet Key

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If you wish to retrieve your Akismet key from your WordPress database directly via MySQL you can do so as follows: mysql> use [your WordPress database]; mysql> select option_value from wp_options where option_name = ‘wordpress_api_key’;