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There seems to be a lot of confusion over this, particularly what level of support exists for Javascript content with search bots. It appears that GoogleBot supports some Javascript. Using this NPM module will assist with providing a pre-rendered version of your content for search engine bots. Be sure to test this using the Google Webmaster tools, if you are making API calls to fetch content these IPs/hosts will need to be accessible to the search bots.

  • accman

    I have developed a very easy and simple solution to make ajax content available to crawler. It creates HTML snapshots and serves them to the google crawler / bot, all automatically. No need to modify any server configuration file, no need to proxy your content to 3rd party server (security risk) and no need to install phantomjs etc. It is just few lines of simple script that you can paste it in your index file and a tiny php file (does not contain any out side link) that you have to upload to your server. No link to any outside server or any thing else, because it will be part of you website. I will soon make it available for download. You copy and paste it, and your ajax loaded content will be ready to crawl by good bot.

    • Joe Auty

      That would be great, I’d love to check this out! Please let me know when you have something ready to test. My Twitter handle is @joeauty.

      • accman

        Thanks Joe, I will soon make a website for it, so that people can see the results themselves. Its a very simple idea but it works great. No more monthly payments to 3rd parties while risking the data too by giving a window to them, into your server through a link that sends data out and receive the html scrip ..

      • accman

        Hi Joe,

        It is live now at, you can check it. A download button will be added soon.
        You can view the page source before and pass the ?_escaped_fragment_= param then view the source again. Also note the page title changes … See the pure html snapshot.

  • Rob Schneider

    Great information, thanks for sharing.