How To Speed Up Your Virtualbox VMs By Using the SATA Disk Controller

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How to switch to the SATA disk controller in Virtualbox without having to recreate your Virtualbox images. As of Virtualbox 3.2 the default disk controller is now the faster SATA controller rather than IDE. If you have setup your VMs using an older version you can follow these instructions for a nice little speed boost for your VMs! This article covers instructions for Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux guests.

Commiting Specific Files Using Git

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As great and as useful branches are in Git, every once in a while we may forget to create a new branch when we meander off with experimental changes, or changes that may take longer to complete than changes you may want to commit in the meantime. No worries, it is still quite easy to commit only the files that you want with committing everything else. Here’s how…

Managing Remote Branches Using Git

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How to track and merge in changes from remote branches in Git from both the origin project repository (if applicable), as well as from other projects you have access to. The latter can be used as an alternative to “git push”