Unix Based Time Machine-like Backups

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If you are interested in reproducing a backup scheme similar to Apple’s Time Machine on non OS X Linux/Unix machine, it is actually pretty easy to do so using a combination of rsync and cpio. You obviously won’t get the pretty space themed GUI, but you will get as many snapshots as you’d like using the same scheme used by Time Machine.

Moving WordPress To a New Domain

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The following set of instructions will encapsulate your WordPress data into a dump file you can transfer to a different host (if applicable), and then update all WordPress database references to point to your new domain (including all of the images you have attached to your posts and pages).

Convert Fonts to TTF and EOT Formats For CSS Font Embedding

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Since Firefox 3.5 and some version of Safari/Webkit released around 2007, both Firefox and Safari have supported embedding your own fonts into webpages for quite some time. This article explains how to embed fonts, as well as how to convert fonts of various formats to the TTF and EOT formats used for font embedding.

Making CSS RGBA Work in All Browsers

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This article details how to make CSS RGBA properties work in IE browsers. Additionally, we have found that opacity settings have some weird characteristics involving inheritance of child elements. In short, setting opacity to 1 does not undo an opacity setting set by a parent element. This article also covers using RGBA to counter this scenario.

phpMyAdmin and Individual User Configs

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phpMyAdmin natively supports a global set of configuration options for all users, but with a simple hack you can change this allowing particular users the options that are most useful to them, such as default tab view, max rows per page, etc. This article details this technique.